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  Poco Loco Charters - Frequently Asked Questions  
How many people can we bring?

We are licensed to carry up to six people on our Louisiana fishing trips. However, the boat gets small with that many anglers on board fishing Louisiana coastal waters. Four to five people aboard to fish Louisiana waters teaming with fish is perfect for New Orleans area deep sea fishing charters in Venice, La.

What does the offshore charter include?
31 foot contender New Orleans deep sea fishing speedboat.
Official United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain.
All tackle, rods and reels, fighting belts, bait, ice, water, sunscreen (Buce Frog) and fish cleaning.

What time do you leave for the charter?
Our New Orleans area deep sea fishing charters leave at 5:30 a.m. for a day filled with opportunities! The possiblities are endless! Tuna fish charters, wahoo fishing, and much more awaits!

What time do you return?
We return from our New Orleans area deep sea fishing charters around 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

How much of a deposit do you require?

We require no deposit. All we ask for is that you give us your word. We feel it is easy to ask for your deposit back, but it is difficult to ask for your word back.

Do you furnish food and drinks?

We furnish bottled water, but no food. Any other drinks or food you would like is welcomed on the boat. Our goal is to make this an enjoyable Louisiana fishing charter customized to your needs!

Do we need to bring any fishing equipment?

We provide fishing equipment tailored to your offshore fishing charter. Only if you have a favorite rod you would like to use do you need to bring equipment.

How much do you charge for a full days fishing?

A day of deep sea fishing is $1,400 per day plus fuel.

Do I need a fishing Lic?

La fishing license. To obtain one call 1-888-765-2602 and give them the information they need. They will give you a Lic # over the phone. Write down the number and keep it on your body while we are fishing. If the fish cops stop us, we can give them the number and we are good.
  Contact us at 409-651-0765 to book your Venice, LA charter.
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