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Mahi Mahi

Fishing for Mahi Mahi is a tremendously exciting experience in Venice, LA! These aggressive ocean going predators are commonly caught in the summer months in Venice as they follow the currents to the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Mahi Mahi is a surface dwelling ray finned fish. They are found in off shore temperate waters like those in Venice, LA. These powerful fish present a novel challenge to the deep sea fishing enthusiast because of their antagonistic behaviors on the hook. It’s not unusual to pull hard for up to an hour once hooked! Mahi Mahi tend to be found in shallower waters and therefore are fast and agile. They are distinguished by their fantastic display of dazzling colors while in the water and then like most fish, they fade to a dull gray when caught. Mahi Mahi is among the fastest growing fish in the ocean. They are great for recreational fishing because of their quick ability to reproduce in mass. They tend to live for an average of about four to five years old. The Mahi Mahi can be found in a collection of waters across the globe including those in Venice, LA. However, they are most abundant in the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico making Venice, LA and Poco Loco off shore fishing charters a great choice to test your skills with Mahi Mahi fishing!



Poco Loco off shore fishing charters is ready to guide you and your friends on a a fishing trip you won’t easily forget! Does catching a fish that can grow up to 17 feet long and swim 70 miles per hour pique your interest? Marlin are known to be some of the most regal and mysterious fish in the sea. Very little is known about these striking fish which only contributes to the intrigue of catching one while deep sea fishing in Venice, LA. These creatures are tremendously agile and impressive as well as graceful and dreamlike to watch. The Blue Marlin is a species typically found in the waters of Venice, LA. They prey on a wide variety of marine organisms near the water’s surface and often use their bill to stun or injure prey. They are known to have been caught at weights exceeding 1,000 lbs.! If you’re up for the challenge of taking on the matchless and mystifying Marlin, Poco Loco stands ready with the right equipment and experience to make this the greatest fishing trip of your life!



Tuna is a fascinating and exceptional fish to seek after in the waters of Venice, La. Their powerful, streamlined bodies make them a challenge to catch and a beauty to behold. The tuna fish is one of the fastest swimming fish in the ocean. The Yellowfin tuna is capable of swimming at speeds reaching 47mph! These impressive fish can live to be five to nine years old. Tuna travel in large groups actively looking for food near the surface of the water. Yellowfin Tuna fishing in Venice, La is an experience that should not be missed! These tuna will give you the fight of your life! Venice,LA provides the perfect environment for tuna fishing year round. Poco Loco Fishing Charters in Venice, la are ready for the challenge of helping you catch the tuna fish you’re looking for! We providing top notch fishing equipment and cunning fishing strategies to ensure a high quality experience for our customers.



Wahoo is found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Making Venice, LA a prime spot for fishing Wahoo. It is known for its speed and high quality meat coveted in gourmet restaurants. Wahoo is said to have a taste similar to that of Mackerel although it has a more subtle flavor. The body of the Wahoo is long and covered with nearly invisible scales. It’s back is an iridescent blue with sides of silver irregularly patterned with blue bars. Wahoo are also characterized by razor sharp teeth and a remarkably large mouth. These fish can be up to eight feet in length weighing up to 183 pounds. Wahoo tend to be alone or in groups of two or three. They eat a diet of other small fish and squid. The Wahoo is known to be fierce fighters that can splice through the water at speeds of up to 60mph! Fishing for Wahoo in Venice, La is extraordinary because of the consistency of which Wahoo are present in the area. Wahoo are caught all year round in Venice making Venice, La the optimal choice for you if you’re looking to have the Wahoo fishing experience of a lifetime!

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