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January, February and March are a good choice if you're after the Jumbo sized Yellow Fin tuna fish. And if you're looking for Yellow Fin tuna fishing charters in Venice La, Poco Loco is the boat for you.This is the time of year when we see some of the biggest Yellow fin tuna while tuna fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. During Yellow fin tuna season, a 100 lb Yellow fin tuna is the norm and 150 lbs doesn’t really turn a head at the dock. If you’re ever going to land a 200 + lb Yellow fin tuna in the Gulf, this is the time of the year to do it. We are the Venice, La charter tuna fishing guides that you are looking for! Fishing for Wahoo can be very impressive as well! This is the time of year that some of the biggest fish of the year are caught. Venice, La offers some of the most consistant Wahoo fishing because of the Wahoo presence year round in the Venice, La area.

April is still Tuna Time. Amberjack, Grouper and Snapper are good as well. Venice, La fishing is still going strong during the month of April. You really can't go wrong fishing in Louisiana waters! April is a great time to book your deep sea fishing charter with Poco Loco Charters!

May and June are always good as the rip starts to form up in May and continues on through June. It’s always fun pulling the rip because it is normally loaded with big bull Dolphin, a few Wahoo, an occasional JUMBO size Tuna and a shot or two at a Marlin. The Tuna are back at their normal stomping grounds and the Snapper, AJ, and Grouper can be grabbed on the way back in.

July through September the Yellow fin tuna are as predictable as they get and 5 to 6 a day is pretty average. Let the tuna fish hunting begin! This is a great time to call and book your Venice tuna fishing charter. Poco Loco is a great choice when it comes to being your offshore tuna fishing guide! AJ and Snapper are still easy to get as well. As always, Louisiana fishing charters prove to be a success!

October and November the really big Yellow fin tuna move back in close and can be a ball to tangle with in relatively shallow water. Some of the largest yellowfin tuna are found on Louisiana tuna fishing trips.
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