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Top Water Fishing

Top water fishing relies on the fish hearing the disturbance that the lure makes on the surface of the water.Two types of lures are used in top water fishing. One of the two available option would be to use a very bouyant lure that floats on the water's surface. Another option would be to use bait that does not float. The fisherman would then use a jerking motion to keep the lure at the surface.


Jigging is a fishing strategy that involves using a type of fishing lure called a jig. This strategy is designed to catch fish that hang out on the bottom. A jig consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it that is used to attract passing fish. Usually, the jig is covered with a soft body to disguise the hook. This type of hook is designed to make a vertical jerking motion as opposed to other types of lures that require a horizontal motion.


Schools of fish are easy targets for the fisherman that implements the strategy of chumming. This fishing technique involves throwing fish parts into the water in an effort to attract fish. Generally, the fish parts that are chosen are specific to the type of fish the fisherman in targeting.

Bait and Switch

This technique is a combination of chumming and live line fishing. When bait and switch is implemented, the fisherman throws live bait into the water to attract fish to the surface. Once the fish have come to the surface and their gaurd is down, the fisherman places a line with simmilar live bait into the water.

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