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Capt Jerry, I want to thank you again for calling me this morning, about the prospects of catching tuna on the 26th. Most Captains would not have been as considerate as you have been, they would have just let us travel over 600 miles and have taken my party out and have said the fish were just not there. You can bet that if and when I decided to book another Venice area, IT WILL BE YOU!!!!!

Thanks Again,

Capt. Jerry

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your hard work on our fishing trip. I know the conditions were not the greatest, but we all had a great time. I hope to do some SMASH MOUTH fishing again with you soon. I think that offshore fishing is pretty much in my blood. Take care!

p.s. Tell Eddie thanks also!


I had a fantastic two days aboard your boat with you and Hunter. I know that Rick and Harry feel the same way. Both have called me several times and multiple emails to express their enjoyment – pure joy in reality.

Rick took some great pics. Especially the one of the blue marlin. Man what a fish. I know he will be sending you some for your web site.

Again, I want to give you and Hunter a big Bravo Zulu (Navy lingo for GREAT JOB) for your professionalism, seamanship, kindness and friendship. As you already suspected – we are planning another visit.

Very respectfully,

P.S. You have raised your son well. He is a fine man.

Capt. Jerry,

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed last week's trip with you and Lee. That was my first blue water trip and I'm definitely hooked. I've told all of my friends and co-workers how much fun we had and I'm definitely going to get another trip lined up with you in the near future. Whenever you get chance email me the pictures you took with your camera and Lee and George are sending me theirs as well.

Thanks so much for an unforgettable trip I'm looking forward to seeing you again!!!

Madison, MS
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